How to understand your credit score?

Low score: 1 – 300
You’ve probably got payment defaults or other bad data on your file or other bad data such as a bankruptcy, poor payment history (such as paying late). You could also have a high number of credit enquiries, especially recent ones and for small amounts.
Below average: 300 – 500
It could be that you are in the younger age bracket or you may have recently applied for one or more smaller credit facilities or to credit providers that offer services to higher risk customers.
Middle of the road: 500 – 700
Your score aligns with the majority of people. Smaller things will push the score up, such as your age or having a mortgage.
Woohoo! More than 700
Scoring in this range will often be associated with being in the older age groups, having been fairly disciplined with your applications for credit and not making too many applications, having a mortgage and/or an investment property. And constantly paying your accounts on time.

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