About Namecheck

Namecheck provides online tenant checks, employment check, credit checks and licence checks with instant results. ACC history reports are also available, just not instantly.

This website assists property agents, landlords and employers, so they will know more about who they are dealing with, before signing a contract.

Employment check

Search for any history of employment disputes.

Tenant Check

Search for recent history of disputes, like damaged property or non-payment of rent.

Drivers Licence check

Confirms your information matches that of the New Zealand Transport Association.

Online tenant references

Members may write references of former tenants they do or do not recommend. (every third reference listed generates a Namecheck credit )

Namecheck membership

Gives you an all-in-one management tool that simplifies name checking with varying options. Allows bulk purchases for cheaper name checks. Membership is free.

Namecheck Credit Check

Costs $30. for members. You will need specific information to comply with the NZ Credit Bureau requirements.

Employment services

This is a quick goto page with employers advice and links to required forms. Covid-19 employment variation templates for business experiencing downturn post lockdown .

Namecheck has many useful forms. Tenancy forms for landlords and pre-employment information for employers to print at anytime.

Clever landlords use Namecheck.

Experienced employers use Namecheck.