Is checking names easy and quick?
Yes instant results from any online device, phone, tablet, computer.
Why is this a Game Changer for landlords?
To find good tenants in 2021, landlords and their agents can confidently reduce risks by checking prospective tenant here. Landlords use Namecheck to find any previous history of non-payment or damage to other rentals. Read authentic references, no need to contact former landlords and chase up written references. Credit check their predictability to pay rent on time and view applicants credit history.
What information do I need?
Photo ID -A driver’s licence is best. Other acceptable ID is a passport , gun licence or in some cases student ID or Goldcard with photo.
What if they have no ID?
No ID, no Namecheck, no tenancy. Simple!
Best practice and training advice?
1. Request ID to do a Namecheck, check the ID is genuine and unaltered.
2. Either photograph it for later reference, or write out details including licence number & version.
3. Use the details to make a namecheck now or later on Namecheck web site.
4. Read the results.
Can Landlords do multiple searches?
Yes, check the tenants you are considering signing up. $15 search now ( or if you think you or your office will use the site regularly, prepay a package price, ranging down to $5.00 per search) quick read, then consider the potential tenant with a good reference or no history; you may not want the others once you know the details of their past tenancy problems.
Why use Photo ID?
To side step rogues make sure the ID is genuine, and actually belongs to the person in front of you .
Will this make landlords’ workload easier? assist avoiding repeat problem tenants & tribunal termination processes…
Yes! less chance of having to go through a disputes process or mediation which can be frustrating and time consuming. As past landlords have had to take tenants through this, they know from following due process, the dispute is recorded and easily accessed by future landlords. References are to the point and quick to read. It is easy listing your references of former tenants too. Credit checks will alert you to this applicants 4 year payment history -good bad or middling.
Why print and use Namecheck forms?
Namecheck forms have extras- useful prompts for landlords and additional clauses that enhance the standard tenancy tribunal version (and legally have been checked). example: Automatically Preventing subletting or using the rental for ” air B&B”, including  couch surfing… if violated, this would be breach of this tenancy agreement. Eviction would be an enforceable result.
What is so great about these online tenant references?
It is an advantage when you read a glowing reference, this can make all the difference to your choice of tenant.
Often landlords suspect a reference will not be read by the next landlord but with online references, the history stays available and accessible by a name search.
The template is simple so a few clicks and you’re done, with provision to freely write more on the tenancy if you choose. ( certain vocabulary standards are necessary ). Namecheck actually authenticates the origin of the references before they are posted.
So we see the good, the bad, and who else is listed?
You can find that some disputes (tenant or employment) are recorded when neither party is at fault, but it was complicated and a third party was needed to sort it all out. Never make assumptions about fault as some disputes are unavoidable. Skip read to the judgment at the end , the adjudicator will clearly sum up the circumstances in each case. Namecheck Administration also lists references advising details/ links to some publications ( NZ Bad Landlord/tenants, Stuff.co.NZ,  NZHerald.co.nz ) .
Namecheck will change the way landlords check tenants online and list their references,  will this be a game changer for New Zealand’s rental market?
Yes, Namecheck is the low cost choice for vetting future tenants, reducing risk of damage to your investment and lost rental income. Avoiding time in mediation or following through on disputes means the $15 check was worth it. Property management is simplified by this easy means to check more than just tenancy disputes .
Is Namecheck Employment (disputes history ) Check an instant service ?
Yes employers can instantly check the history of an applicants Employment Court records for $15. An applicant is not obliged to mention past issues in an interview , so by checking the employer will become aware of any employment issues that may be relevant.
Why such a short list of forms for landlords and employers in ” useful forms” ?
Namecheck has a brief list of forms useful for landlords and employers only. A few  good examples: 1) for certain jobs employers may print the ACC History request form – listed at bottom of ‘useful forms’ on main menu )  and email ACC for the applicant’s health history to date. This could be vital information for an employer.
2)  Landlords legally now require tenants to be aware of their obligations with smoke alarms. Smoke Alarm Contract completes the required process from first day of the tenancy.
3) Diligent employers check all drivers licenses are current using the license check form before handing over keys to their company car.
Namecheck services are mostly $15 yet the Credit Checks are $30 ,does this use two namecheck credits if I bulk buy in advance?
Yes,  members can buy bulk Namechecks at reduced prices . It is a good advantage weather you use them for single, double or combination searches – more is cheaper.
Do most New Zealand insurance companies have ‘ landlord obligations” that requires tenant checks?
Yes they request proof of vetting of all adults (over 18) residing in the property,  if you were to have an insurance damage claim.
Why credit check tenants?
Credit checking is not mandatory but gives a rating based on the applicants recent (4yr) credit history and predicts their ability to pay the rent on time. Print credit check authorization form at the same time as your pre-tenancy application forms.
Why include a credit check authority form for pre-employment applications?
If the position requires significant financial risk or responsibility for financial decisions, employers credit check as part of their careful consideration before offering an employment contract. Pre-employment forms
Can I get a Criminal Conviction check before I sign up a tenant or employee?
Yes , we advise criminal conviction history requests to be made directly to Ministry of Justice.  Use their new  3 day request system. Namechecks priority service ceased September 2017.
What is a pre-employment conversation in the useful forms?
It is a document for employers preparing or offering a new employment contract . It is general advice from an employment law perspective . It is a living document and will update and evolve as strategic cases are reshaping  our understanding of NZ employment law and its requirements.
Why print the Employment checklist?
Even when using professional help, simply use the checklist as an employment contract prompt and build in your relevant information . Use it to check  you have considered these basic components of the contract.
Why did  Namecheck remove the criminal check service ?
September 17 Namecheck removed our ( priority service) quick criminal conviction reports as the Ministry of Justice rolled out a new system which returns reports in 3 days @ a $40. fee. We believe our customers now are better off going direct, prompting the removal of our former system where we gave our customers a significant price reduction and beneficial speed,  through our priority service.
Why use member bulk purchasing instead of single credit card transactions?
Gain a reduced price on each check. 2018 was our first price change since 2015, single and double Namecheck purchases were $15 & $30. Unused Bulk Namecheck purchases on members accounts have remained the same original pricing,  as these customers come direct to Namecheck and are less likely to use our advertising. Passing on the saving in appreciation of continued use.
So Namecheck is designed by landlords for landlords?
Yes 2018 News -Air b&b issues was featuring in tenancy tribunal disputes and followed with dismay as cases had regrettable outcomes at the landlord’s expense. Namecheck promptly wrote a couple of concise clauses into our standard tenancy form to protect landlords, preventing tenants from using their rental for this purpose. By establishing it is a violation of any tenancy, these clauses give landlords and the tribunal,  ability to take decisive action should a breach occur. Simple yet very effective form of preventative and awareness.
2021 .New laws are rolling out rapidly, now landlords need to use new forms and processes.
Namecheck is writing prompts into our forms so landlords will automatically read in their day to day business and keep abreast the many changes. For example our tenancy agreement was supporting all the new information prior to healthy homes law roll out 2020. We have new versions of feb 2021 forms live so landlords can confidently know our short list is up to date.
Namecheck believes most New Zealanders are honest, trustworthy, law abiding citizens. These are tenants and employees you want.
Namecheck is continuously adding current information and will stay up to date and relevant.
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