How it works

Namecheck is providing public information for use by landlords, rental agencies and employers with an easy to use website that provides instant results on name searches.

Ask for photo ID and record full name
Always ensure you get the correct spelling.

Enter the full name of the person you want to check and choose the type of search you want to do.
Middle names are optional, but they will increase the accuracy of your Namecheck. Meaning that your Namecheck will be less likely to return irrelevant results.

Pay per name being searched
You can search for multiple names at once.
Members can pre-purchase multiple Namechecks at discounted rates.
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Search Done!
Read your results, if a name has no recorded history you will get 0 matches.


 Be aware some of the history listed is of an innocent, non-offending nature, so please always read why their name appears.


Always read never assume.


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