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A tenancy usually ends in the following ways:

The Tenancy Tribunal can also make an order ending a tenancy in some cases – for example, if you’re three weeks or more behind in the rent.

“Periodic” tenancies are ones that run indefinitely, with no fixed end date in the agreement. If one side wants to end the tenancy, they have to give the legally required amount of notice. The notice period is different depending on whether it’s you or the landlord who gives notice.

Any notice to end a tenancy has to be in writing.

How much notice do I have to give when I move out?

Residential Tenancies Act 1986, s 51(2B)

If you want to end the tenancy you have to give your landlord at least four weeks (28 days) notice, unless the landlord agrees that you can give less notice than this.

How much notice does my landlord have to give me if they want me to move out?

Residential Tenancies Act 1986, s 51

From February 2021, landlords must give you 90 days (at least three months) notice if they want to end the tenancyand it has to be for one of these reasons:

However, they only have to give you 63 days (at least nine weeks) notice if:

If you’re given only 63 days’ notice in one of those situations, the landlord’s written notice to you must give the reason for ending the tenancy.

  1. Your obligations at the end of the tenancy

Your responsibilities when you move out

Residential Tenancies Act 1986, s 40(1)(e) – Case: Tenancy Tribunal 4081393Residential Tenancies Act 1986, ss 62–62F

When your tenancy comes to an end, you must:

If you leave some of your things behind, there are rules the landlord has to follow for dealing with them. Food and other things that won’t last can be thrown out straight away. With other things, the landlord has to try to contact you to arrange for you to pick them up. If the landlord can’t reach you or you don’t pick up your things, the landlord can usually get rid of them or sell them.

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