About Employment Services

Namecheck is a online service that can be used by Employers or their Employment Representative to check the history of potential job applicants.

Namecheck uses the applicants personal name to search several key data bases and then presents the information to you.

Employers are able to search an applicants Employment Dispute history, drivers license information or even run a credit check by name and then instantly getting the results.

Criminal Conviction History

Employers may print a new style of Criminal Conviction History Request form, fill it out with the job applicant, then upload it with a copy of id (as proof of signature) and with permission from applicant. Both parties will receive a copy of the applicants criminal conviction history or a statement from the Ministry of Justice that they have no criminal conviction history ( working within NZ Clean slate policy), this information is emailed back to each of you. We are currently advising our clients to no longer use our priority service and go direct as MOJ as they introduce a new system effective 11th September and rolling out to general public by Christmas. (You will receive your information back in three days at cost of $20)

ACC claim check

With the job applicants persmission, employers may print the NameCheck ACC form and email it directly to ACC for a persons previous ACC history, this email report is fairly prompt too.

Here to help

Namecheck prompts everyone to their responsibilities with confidential information. Namecheck provides a 101 Employers check list and a Pre-Employment Contract Conversation which may be used ideally, prior to vetting applicants for a job vacancy or when contemplating an new employment contract. These are listed in the useful forms section in main menu.

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